The Lost Color


I d like to to announce the Project “The Lost Color”.

Premiered at the experimental section at the  IBAFF Film Festival Spain


The Lost Color is a investigative, experimental film, exploring in the fields of the Spanish mysticism and the voids left by the lost revolution. A moon like landscape as a neutral / displaced setting for the action becomes an experimentation field for desire, love, politics and surreal rites.

Like fixing a rainbow that misses one specific color, The Lost Color tries to revoke and resurrect the spectra that got dimmed out of the collective consciousness..

The Lost Color is shot mostly with available moonlight in the desert like wilderness close to Blanca (Murcia) in the south of Spain.

Partly improvised and partly scripted the actors and crew will perform with the freedom of chance and coincidence.

An archaic, val de Omaresque film project.

In collaboration with AADK Spain and Centro Negra


Lisa Müller-Trede












Jochen Arbeit


Selu Herraiz  (


Lea Walloschke (


José Hortelano Villegas (


Zombie.Soc (


James Farrell (


Jesi Hook

…and more.

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