Civilization is becoming to an end. Technology has not kept the promise to solve the problems of the world and left behind a toxic
wasteland, a planet ruled by malevolent forces. May is a singer-songwriter in an early stage of her career. In her routine of recording,
touring, publicity dates and press meetings she finds herself trapped living in a “making of” world. During her journey she becomes a
key figure of the “Ohnmacht” resistance, a clandestine group of women resisting and fighting with their limited resources to secure
their survival and legacy.


Lisa Müller-Trede
Lea Walloschke
Virginia Hernandez
Elena Azzedin
Amelie Gottsman
Scott Sinclair

Laura Blueggel

Mariu Cánovas Romero

Joran Ost


The beginning: arrivals – movements – martial arts – set ups

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein


we started out with a quick training for everyone. getting the vibes ready to perform and shoot in a dystopic future, it is crucial to get back to the basics, means: basic survival and fighting skills. we practice philipinan stick fighting , self defence techniques against armed and unarmed attacks, movements and breathing techniques. Other residencies from Centro Negra are joining. It is a pre-preparation for tomorrow, the encounter in the desert.

Led by production designer Lea Walloschke we prepare costumes in a collective effort. Aging and wearing of clothes,

The Desert. Absence of water. Absence of time. Getting back to the location we scouted some months ago we find everything changed: The devastating floods Blanca experienced in September changed the landscape tremendously. Parts of the desertic landscape are no longer desertic. It becomes green, the riverbed has some water, flies haunt us. The initial means of the project become evident and a practical question: how to show a post dystopic world with no filter, trying to get rid of the stereotypes of Sci-Fi and cultural pessimism. detouring from the scripts of traditional performance and cinema.



Desguace Paris

Spains second biggest car dump desguace paris . A different world with a different kind of beauty. we start preparation and filming. Organizar los coches, comida, los units de grabacion. We split up into 3 units working at the same time in different places.