AKP CD release available for Stream/Download

AVAILABLE AS CD DIGIPAK through STAALPLAAT : staalplaat.com/search_products?keys=emitter+micro     Aki Void – Kris Limbach (6:45) Sleep xt – Kris Limbach (10:25) Scroller’s Time – Anton Mobin (6:10) Glowing Body – Anton Mobin (3:32) The Rift That Sets – Pierce Warnecke (13:20)Sound materials have been played live and multitrack recorded at emitter19 in Berlin on… Continue reading AKP CD release available for Stream/Download

Critique of “The Lost Color”

Starting planning and booking for festivals and screenings on our film “The lost color” reminded me of a beautiful critique by Cipriano Torres.     translation: “…This year the international Festival of Murcia has expanded to Blanca with an extention dedicated to experimental Cinema, to other forms and languages of narration, of drawing Images and… Continue reading Critique of “The Lost Color”

KETEV – Jericho

one year Ago:   Video by Pierce Warnecke – piercewarnecke.com/ ◯ Super8 manipulation by Kris Limbach