Music for Dysfunctional Airports


The airport – an ideograph of the modern age – , becomes in its unused state an emblem for the crisis, failure and lack of economical and spiritual direction of our times.

The film installation Music for dysfunctional airports approaches these phenomenas from an auditive position: How does an airport sound which is out of order? Which inner laws of space and time can be derived from a location whose heart / metrum, the airline operations, have never begun? Is nature taking back the scene and do people try to preserve them?

An early work of Rinus van Alebeek serves as a blue print, the narrative metrum: The internal incidences of his tape piece on The Natural History Museum of Sound becomes a pattern for sound and video.


In the editing and the production process the film undergoes what in the music world is called feedback: Digital HD – images get re – recorded on film and re – digitized and vice versa. A degradation and transformation process takes place in between the digital and the analog world.

The project was realized in collaboration with the Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art (SONM) in Murcia and Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur (AADK) – Spain.

Here is a  diary/log with fragments, pics, thoughts of the production:
Music for Dysfunctional Airports – Log

17th of may 2014  Practicas Contemporaneas at AADK SPAIN Centro Negra – safe the date!

Music for dysfunctional airports premiere at Media Art Friesland / Noordelijk Film Festival 5-9th of November 2014


A special edit of “Music for dysfunctional airports” released on the “E-MAGAZINE OF/ON/AROUND EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO & RELATED STUFF” SUPER SENSOR


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