2024-11-21 concert vertical movements Uppsala, Sweden

2024-11-16 Exhibition “How to End” , curated by Frans Lent, Dordrecht, NL

2024-10-26 Live at Borsig Amp Fest

2024-06-21 Vertical Movements performance at ROTA Festival, Blanca

2024-05-17 Duo Kris Limbach & Martin Rezny at Multiversal

2024-01-19 Festival of the smallest 

2023-11-10 SOLO at Kühlspot (Eli Wallace – prepared piano Solo, Drew Wesley – Solo guitar/ objects)

2023-10-29 SOLO at Organ Sequences X at TABORKIRCHE , with Romain C. Bertheau, Emilio Gordoa , Pablo Lienhard and Tizia Zimmermann

2023-10-20 emitter micro Festival 5 at Petersburg Art Space PAS with Julie Rousse, Marco Donnarumma, Andreas Voccia

2023-09-18 spectral evidence (Rieko Okuda & Kris Limbach) at Mme Claude

2023-09-16 T.A.T.V. #4 at Kesselhaus Herzberge

2023-09-14 Duo w/ Hopek Quirin at PAS, Lorena Izquierdo, Axel Dörner

2023-08/09 AiR at EMS Stockholm composition “Vertical Movements”

2023-07-05 Concert trio /w Rieko Okuda &  Niko Lefort  at Cafe Plume, Berlin

2023-06-30 Duo w/ Hopek Quirin at Garage, Berlin

2023-06-21 Rizoma at Tesla FM Radio – Mixtape: short pieces from 2004-2023 in heavy rotation all day

2023-06-08 Talk and Performance at M.A. Symposium at Catalyst Intitute for Creative Arts and Technology

2023-06-02 duo w/ Mizuki Ishikawa at Atelier Äuglein, Berlin

2023/03/22 10800 Pixel at friends of friends at A.L. Berlin

2022/12/17-2023/05/14 Broken Music Vol. 2 70 Jahre Schallplatten und Soundarbeiten von Künstler*innen at Hamburger Bahnhof

2022/11/22 10 years of Multiversal at Villa Kuriosum, Solo for 10800 Pixel

2022/06/30 spectral evidence tape release concert with Rieko Okuda at liebig12

2022/06/12 T.A.T.V. #3.5 rev.220612 with Jeff Surak, DuChamp, Liz Kosack , Munsha,  Kris Limbach at liebig12

2022/03/24 Performance at GLASS 刀3

2022/03/11-13 T.A.T.V. #3 at ausland, funded by Musikfonds

2021/11/21 Piksel Fest Bergen, performance 10800 pixel

2021/11/6-8 “Miradas Exquisitas” at Film Festival Gallo Pedro, Almeria

2021/09/30  10800 pixel performance at Samhain Festival Blanca

2021/04/29-05/18 window interface #11 micro residency at Liebig 12: Pilzschaltkreise/fungus circuits 

2021/02/26-28 T.AT.V. #2 Temporary Autonomous Television, a 3 day streaming experiment at Ausland Berlin, funded by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

2021/01/20 Duo with Rinus van Alebeek at Experimentik

2020/08/14 performance with Lisa Müller-Trede & Michael Ferreira at Downtown Variety La MAMA

2020/08/07   “Theorema para la construccion de paisajes” talk   Museo de arte de Zapopan, Guadalajara Mexico (online)

2020/07/22-24  T.A.T.V. stream  at ausland Berlin

2020/07/19 Atmo_sphäre # 15 with Rinus van Alebeek

2020/07/15 10800 Pixel performance live online stream at Experimentik

2020/05/07  Salon Bruit performance streaming ,  20.30pm tba

2020/04/15 solo for video and tapes at experimentik [cancelled]

2020/04/10 tape release with Rieko Okuda and Jeff Surak, tba [cancelled]

2020/04/01 performance with Rinus van Alebeek [cancelled]

2019-11-19/22  audiovisual performance w Korhan Erel at au Topsi Pol  [cancelled]

2019-10-09 – 2019-11-06 Film Production Residency “Ohnmacht” at AADK

2019-09-27 emitter night at Kontakte Festival with Peter Cusack and Francisco Lopez

2019-06-15 duo performance Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach at Garage, Berlin

2019-05-17 emitter micro #5 with Boris Hegenbart, crys cole, Olaf Hochherz

2019-04-30 concert Rieko Okuda, Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach

2019-04-12   performance berlin,

2019-04-09   120 pixel at Monsanto Gema#1 , berlin

2019-03-28 The Lost Color Film Screening + performances at Espacio B, Madrid

2019-03-16/17 martial arts for artists – aadk / Centro Negra, Blanca,  Spain

2019-03-07 The Lost Color  Film Screening at ¡ESCUCHA! Sala Cruce, Madrid


2019-02-08 performance petersburg art space

2019-01-22 Secret Shots at Shinning Darkness

2018-12-10 Double Vinyl Release Hell´s Bells and Dead& Juicy on emitter micro and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

2018-10-26 1080Pixel at GLITCH ≠ RESET v.6, Geyger Gallery, Berlin

2018-07-(2-7) Transloca Kattowice, Poland

2018-04-14 Performance at Grund, berlin

2018-03-31 120 Pixel at aktivos Soniko, Blanca, Spain

2018-03-23 Performance for film and tapes at IN-SONORA. 10ª Muestra internacional de arte sonoro e interactivo at La Casa Encendida

2018-03-06/-17  Installative Performance Secret Shots, Sala El Aguila, Madrid

2018-03-13/14 Worskshop and Presentation Secret Shots

2018-03-10 SECRET SHOTS at Sala El Aguila, Auditorio,  Madrid. start: 20:00

2018-03-02 Performance John Bock & Kris Limbach at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

2018-01-26 Performing with The Superusers at IFFR Sound//vision

2018-01-25 Secret Shots at IFFR Sound//vision

2017-12-18 “Secret Shots” at Geyger Art Gallery

2017-11-28 “Solo for Film and Tapes” at Geyger Art Gallery

2017-11-17 “SECRET SHOTS” at Grund, Berlin

2017-10-21 Performing for John Bock at Kunsthalle Rostock

2017-05-19/20/21  4th emitter micro Festival at Ausland, Spektrum & Kino Zukunft

2017-04-30 concert at spektrum with Thanos Chrysakis & Guido Henneböhl, The Liz

2017-04-25 screening “The Lost Color” + performance with Jochen Arbeit at Z-inema, Berlin

2017-03-29/31 Obscure Tapes workshop at La Casa Encendida, Madrid

2017-03-02 Berlin Premiere of “The Lost Color” at Spektrum

2017-02-23 Performing for John Bock at Berlinische Galerie, with Lars  Eidinger, Bibiana Beglau & Laurenz Leky

2016-12-15/16/17 THE LOST COLOR Screening &  Live Performance at Licht/Media Art Festival Friesland, Netherlands

2016-11-9 Screening of “The Lost Color” at Experimental Arts International Festival MEM, Bilbao, Spain

2016-11-4/5/6 Tape workshop “Obscure Tape Releases” in Centro Negra, Blanca

2016-10-07 concert w/ Agente Costura, Rieko Okuda & Hopek Quirin at DAT Festival

2016-09-16/17/22/23/24 KAP HOORN Performance KOIKATE feat. Daniel Hinojo / Kris Limbach at Theaterdiscounter Berlin, start 20:00

2016-09-02/03/04 Screening of “The Lost Color” at the INTERFERENCE Light Art Festival Tunis, Tunesia

2016-08-20 Radio show Radio on with Coco, Rinus van Alebeek and Adrian Shepard

2016-07-13 Concert Night at Spektrum with Pierce Warnecke / Kris Limbach / Hopek Quirin, Astma, SCZRS

2016-07-09 Performance at XB with Marti Guillem

2016-07-02 Scott Sinclair & Kris Limbach Performance for TV and Tapes, KK-stival

2016-04-29 Concert Night at Spektrum, Berlin (Richard Garet, Kris Limbach)

2016-03-30 Solo performance for 8-track tape at LOCH, Berlin

2016-03-04 Premiere:  “The Lost Color” at IBAFF Murcia

2016-02-6 Performance at Record Release Party FvRTvR west-germany, Berlin: Duo with Rieko Okuda

2015-09-24 Talk and screening with AADK Spain at MWW Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland

2015-09-13 performance at GlitchX

2015-08-05 ->> 2015-09-01 “The Lost Color”  Film project in Spain in collaboration with AADK Spain

2015-06-21 Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach performance for Film, Bass & Tapes at Spektrum, Berlin

2015-06-20 performance for film and tapes at kk berlin

2015-05-24 Performance with Lisa Müller-Trede at Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben (‘Flutgraben 3 , 12435 Berlin) 8pm

2015-05- 7-9  emitter micro festival 2k15 at Taborkirche , Ausland & NK

 2015-05-29 Jochen Arbeit & Kris Limbach Improvised sound dialog. At Presentation AADK Berlin, Instituto Cervantes

2015-04-21the air is slightly static” : Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach, Séan Derrick Cooper Marquardt, balkh

2015-04-20 performance at kaleidoscope , Berlin with Kasia Justka, Maria Jiku

2015-03-16 Performance at Kaleidoscope , Berlin

2015-02-17  Loopsider III performance for film and tapes

2015-01-16 Scope Sessions :  Transmediale Vorspiel – AV Exposure :  Performance for Film and Tapes

2014-11-10/11/12 The Origin of Stillness

2014-11-07 Performance for film and tapes at Harmonie, Leeuwarden, 17.00h

2014-11-06/07 Improvising on film: a D.I.Y. approach to Cinema at Harmonie

2014-11-05  premiere of  “music for dysfunctional aiports” at MediaArtFriesland, Netherlands

 2014-10-24 Improvising on film performance at Werkstadt Berlin with Montoya Collective (Deneb Martos, Ricardo Roncero,  Manuel Jimenez & more)

2014-10-09 Talk / Performance at Scope Session

2014-09-26 Projection of performance “Music for disfunctional airports” at aadk Spain, Centro Negra, Blanca

2014-09-13/14 Improvising on Film: A D.I.Y. approach to Cinema workshop at STEIM, Amsterdam

2014-09-05 film manipulation performance at Big Screen Brutals ,Berlin. See link for full lineup

2014-07-18-19 Improvising on Film: A D.I.Y approach to Cinema – Workshop at Liebig 12, Berlin

2014-06-21 AADK Spain / Centro Negra:  Instalación AADK Sonora / EXPOSICIÓN Jochen Arbeit Jan Ferreira Hopek Quirin Kris Limbach, Yuko Matsuyama, Miquel Casaponsa, Martin Bernt, Pablo Peña, Jens Christian Madsen

2014-05-29 Project presentation & Performance at SONM Murcia start: 9pm

2014-05-16th-30th Artist in Residence at SONM  and AADK in Murcia, Spain

2014-05-17 PRÁCTICAS CONTEMPORÁNEAS Music for dysfunctional airports. Solo for film manipulation and cassettes, 22h

2014-05-11 Minima Moralia and Kris Limbach (Solo For Film Manipulation and Tapes) at espacio naranjo, Madrid

2014-05-10 incidencia sonora 2014 , C´est la vie, Madrid: Kris Limbach Solo for film manipulation and cassettes + Juan Antonio Nieto aka Pangea

2014-04-25 Marseille – Zinc – Panoptik

2014-04-22 Nice Le Hublot Panoptik & Workshop

2014-04-21 Paris plateforme – Trio Anton Mobin, Hopek Quirin, Kris Limbach

2014-04-17-18 Poitiers – Lieu Multiple – Panoptik

2014-04-03 Dark Stations: Kim Cascone at Taborkirche Kreuzberg + Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach

2014-03-28 opening performance at rosalux: Guido Henneboehl, Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach, 8pm

2014-03-22 Panoptic at VIDEOFORMES Festival  at Maison du Peuple, Clermont-Ferrand

2014-03-07 Panoptik at Holzmund #3 @Antje Oklesund Berlin with Daniele Antezza, Beb.Welten, eftechr

2014-03-01 trans e mission @ liebig12, Berlin,  8pm Seiji Morimoto & Makoto Oshiro, Kris Limbach & Pierce Warnecke, Paul Roth & Ian Douglas Moore

2013-11-01 Tiefgrund, salon bruit, solo

2013-10-20 Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach, Kim Cascone Dark stations, at Taborkirche Kreuzberg

2013-09-12 Sucked Orange solo

2013-06-19 Sound inspectors live at Naherholungssternchen: Hopek Quirin Kris Limbach Jochen Arbeit Anthony Donovan Thomas Zunk (Sound Inspectors), Rinus van Alebeek, Pierce Warnecke

2013-07-24 Transforma, Panoptik at KW-Berlin 

2013-06-07 Panoptik at Liebig 12

2013-02-23 Panoptik at ZKU Berlin

2013-01-26 transmediale Vorspiel – emitter19 -solo

2012-12-13 at loophole Miguel A. Garcia & Kris Limbach, TOPMODEL (Rinus van Alebeek & Mireira Guzman)

2012-11-17 at Sucked Orange Gallery Miguel A. Garcia & Kris Limbach , Keine peinE (Frank Kas­tro y David Poko)

2012-11-13 at loophole  miguel a. garcía & kris limbach ; sajjanu ; krapoola & frank kastro 

2012-06-16 Pierce Warnecke – Yair Elazar Glotman – Christoph Limbach – live at FEED

2012-05-28 live at las panzas, Barcelona

2012-05-17&18 kris limbach – incidencia sonora – sonic incidence –  at C´est la vie, Madrid: Kris Limbach, Dario Moratilla, Miguel A. Garcia, Seijiro Murayama, Jorge Vicario, Aldous W. Baxter y Joseph F. Squider

2012-04-19 Pierce Warnecke & Kris Limbach live at Instrumentenmuseum Berlin

2012-02-25 Live two rooms with pierce warnecke at Das kleine Fieldrecordings Festival Berlin

2012-02-23 Anton Mobin, Kris Limbach, Julian Bonequi, Pierce Warnecke, Aude Francoise at Kule Berlin

2011-11-25-27 duo w/ Pierce Warnecke at emitter micro festival 2011

2011-05-10 Pierce Warnecke & Kris Limbach , open studio at emitter19

2011-03-25 interlab noise jam at emitter19 Pierce Warnecke & Kris Limbach

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