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Critique of “The Lost Color”

Starting planning and booking for festivals and screenings on our film “The lost color” reminded me of a beautiful critique by Cipriano Torres.




“…This year the international Festival of Murcia has expanded to Blanca with an extention dedicated to experimental Cinema, to other forms and languages of narration, of drawing Images and add Sounds to them. I was staying a view days in Blanca, and I watched this Cinema made by young people, who -as I suspect – barely watch television.

It s not a medium that determine their lives. Watching “The Lost Color” of the german Kris Limbach I got caught by his beautiful photography, his syncopic editing, his captivating soundscapes. Kris created a world of its own which makes the real world unreal. He applies sounds that have nothing in common with the images, like they would have their own life. Regardless of that, the images as well start to grow their own life while revealing the action. …..”

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The last minute of sound of 2015



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KETEV – Jericho

one year Ago:


Video by Pierce Warnecke –
◯ Super8 manipulation by Kris Limbach



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“Even chance can change” – Interview in Gonzo Circus About The lost Color, emitter micro and more

Gonzo s November issue #130 comes with an Interview and Article about “The Lost Color” , emitter micro, life and chance. Check it out (only print edition available now and digital soon):

Screenshot - 11162015 - 10:40:02 AMzo

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___, Idiot Switch & Kris Limbach at the Experimental Music Yearbook

Published at the Experimental Music Yearbook 2015
Brendan Dougherty
Guido Henneböhl
Keith O’Brien
Super 8

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The Lost Color


I d like to to announce the Project “The Lost Color”.

Premiered at the experimental section at the  IBAFF Film Festival Spain


The Lost Color is a investigative, experimental film, exploring in the fields of the Spanish mysticism and the voids left by the lost revolution. A moon like landscape as a neutral / displaced setting for the action becomes an experimentation field for desire, love, politics and surreal rites.

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