PARAL-LEL by Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach – released on Classwar Karaoke


A double-deaf trial called PARAL-LEL. Several artists/musicians were invited to contribute one or more tracks of about three minutes, which were randomly combined. All tracks were kindly included in previous Classwar Karaoke Surveys. Editing (minimal) and mix by Hopek Quirin and Kris Limbach. These are the results of the experiment:

01 – PARAL-LEL Anthony Donovan (tapes), Anton Mobin (electronics), Kris Limbach (electronics)

02 – PARAL-LEL Adrian Beentjes (raindrops), Hopek Quirin (wood chopping)

03 – PARAL-LEL Jean Montag (all instruments)

04 – PARAL-LEL Ayato and José D. (all instruments, voices), Anthony Donovan (electronics);

05 – PARAL-LEL MaCu (guitar), Jochen Arbeit (electronics)

06 – PARAL-LEL Bryan Lewis Saunders (tape), Hopek Quirin (bass)

07 – PARAL-LEL Kris Limbach (vinyl scratchings, motors, electronics), Hopek Quirin (electric mandolin)

08 – PARAL-LEL Anthony Donovan (prepared zither), Hopek Quirin (guitar)

09 – PARAL-LEL Kotomi Nishiwaki and Yuko Matsuyama (bubbles), Kris Limbach (vinyl scratchings, electronics), Hopek Quirin (electronics)

10 – PARAL-LEL Anton Mobin (autobus linia 157 Paral-lel Barcelona), Maureen Lopez (text and voice)

11 – PARAL-LEL David Cunliffe (all instruments), Kris Limbach (electronics)

12 – PARAL-LEL akab-ondage (electronics), Jacki Engelken (keyboards)

13 – PARAL-LEL Jaan Patterson (text and voice), Der Gorilla Knurr (cut-ups)

14 – PARAL-LEL akab-ondage (electronics), Der Gorilla Knurr (radio cut-ups)

15 – PARAL-LEL Flavien Gillié (electronics), Der Gorilla Knurr (tv cut-ups)

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