music for dysfunctional airports – research project at SONM and AADK Spain

There will be soon Project updates  for my artist in residence project in the end of may at the SONM and AADK in Murcia & La Blanca (Centro Negra), Spain




17th of may  Practicas Contemporaneas at AADK SPAIN Centro Negra – safe the date!


Music for Dysfunctional Airports
(working title) by Kris Limbach


“Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.”
David Lynch


The project will be realized in collaboration with the Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art (SONM) in Murcia and Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur (AADK) – Spain.

Short description:
Music for Dysfunctional Airports investigates the the man made, yet empty space. Paradigmatic for these spaces are the cases of national and international airports in spain and around the world, which were built but never inaugurated (out of various reasons…).
The airport – an ideograph of the modern age – , becomes in its unused state an emblem for the crisis, a symbol of failure and lack of economical and spiritual direction of our times.
The film project Music for Dysfunctional Airports approaches these phenomena from an auditive position: how does an unoperating airport sound? Which inner laws of space and time can be derived from a location whose heart, airline operations, have never begun? Is nature taking back this abandoned scene or is there a will to try to preserve them?
The basis of the film project will be the research work at the SONM. An early work of Rinus van Alebeek which is available at the archive serves as the blue print, the narrative pulse: The internal incidences of his piece The Natural History Museum of Sound serve as a pattern for the sound and video structure of Music for Dysfunctional Airports.
The cinematic architectural work follows the avantgarde architecture film a la Heinz Emigholz. Pitch, level, edits and in turn the whole filmmaking process will be correlatively treated.
The starting point for this investigation will be a audiovisual performance at AADK. The resulting film will become part of the SONM archive.kris-suckedorangegallery

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