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Kris Lim­bach’s focus has al­ways been on sound. But his back­ground in ap­p­lied phy­sics and film pro­jects has an out­stan­ding in­flu­ence on his cur­rent sound-​art works, using film-​edit­ing tech­ni­ques and film sound aest­he­tics for his sound pie­ces like the on­go­ing “be­gin_ if _ ()” pro­ject and his live per­for­man­ces. He re­leased on la­bels such as Ri­chard Garet’s Con­tour Edi­ti­ons, Staal­ta­pe, Mo­dis­ti, Agxivatein and more. He does sound en­gi­nee­ring and in­stal­la­ti­on for John Bock in ad­di­ti­on to pro­duc­tion and mas­te­ring work at Emit­ter19 Stu­di­os. To­ge­ther with Pier­ce War­ne­cke he cu­ra­tes the emit­ter micro Fes­ti­val and label.